Serina's Summer Menu

We are bringing summer delicacies to your plate, from fresh salads to your all-time favorite seafood. Our menu offers great choices to satisfy your appetite, all cooked and presented by our globally skilled chefs.

Join us at Serina’s to enjoy these exquisite summer dishes.

Bon appétit!


Oysters (Market Price)

Served on a bed of crushed ice served with a selection of dressings

Octopus and hummus £12.95

Fresh octopus served on a bed of hummus, seasoned with olive oil

Crab mayo £10.50

Crab mixed with mayo served with toasted bread

Beetroot and goat cheese salad £9.50

Sliced pickled beetroot topped with goat cheese, mixed leaves and crispy onion.

Burrata Salad £8.90

Fresh sliced beef tomatoes, basil leaves and topped with authentic Italian burrata.

Bruschetta £8

Baked ciabatta bread, topped with cherry tomato and basil


Half Lobster (Market Price) *

Served with garlic butter, chips and mix salad

Whole Lobster (Market Price) *

Served with garlic butter, chips and mix salad

Steak of the day (Market Price)

Handpicked by our skilled chefs, served with a choice of home-made sauce, chips, onion rings and a salad.

Quinoa and artichoke hearts salad £16

Mixed salad with lentils, beans, quinoa and artichoke topped with French dressing.

TOPPING - Chicken/Beef £10, Halloumi £7)

Fish Stew £21

Fresh Selection of seafood, served with toasted bread.

Seafood Risotto £18

Homemade Risotto, mixed with seafood