Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Introducing Serina's quick lunch menu: from mouth-watering sandwiches to fresh pasta and comforting soups. We have something for everyone. Join us today and experience the convenience and flavour you deserve!

Served Monday to Friday from 11AM until 5PM.

2 Courses - £16.95

3 Courses - £19.95


Garlic Bread

Soft garlic bread topped with garlic & parsley butter. Add Cheese £1.50


Coated whitebait served with sweet chilli sauce.

Chicken Popcorn

Served With Sticky BBQ Sauce

Soup of The Day (VE)

Served with warm bread.


Chicken Skewers

Marinated ,grilled chicken, onions & peppers served with tzatziki, salad & chips.

Carbonara Pasta

Bacon lardons, egg, shallots, parmesan and cream.

Halloumi Sandwich

Ciabatta stuffed with mix salad, deep fried halloumi sticks, served with with sweet chilli sauce.

Beef Burger

Steak Beef patty stuffed with mix salad and burger sauce.

Fish & Chips

Traditional beer battered cod, served with chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce.

Gnocchi Arrabbiata (VE)

Potato Gnocchi in a home made spicy tomato and basil sauce.


Chocolate Brownie

Cheesecake of The Day

Ice Cream / Sorbet